Current Exhibit


Works by Nicholas Enevoldsen & Gary Georger

March 26 - MAY 4, 2018

Artist Reception

Tuesday, April 17th, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m

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Nicholas Enevoldsen’s recent series of perceptual oil paintings entitled, "The Modern Spectacle", utilizes a broad sampling of disparate images—candid scenes drawn from everyday life—to curate a panoramic tapestry of the modern experience. Adorning this vast cross-section of contemporary life is a sea change of anonymous urban spaces whose exact locations are both seemingly familiar yet conspicuously elusive.

Educated as a painter and trained as a potter, Gary Georger is in the endeavor of surface textures and painting with clay. He creates large platters and chargers with exploratory techniques that are technical challenging. In the course of making these forms new possibilities and surfaces develop.  The process is the catalyst; it excites or instigates Gary to contemplate the surface. Following the potentials he leads the exploration to create representational and abstractions of landscapes, forms and figures on the functional wares.

Shoreline Community College Art Gallery
Building 1000 (Lobby)

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